Ham Community is where we discuss all things amateur radio and ask challenging questions. Indeed, beyond our discussion forums and groups, one finds The Elmers’ Circle, a unique experiment which brings together knowledgeable, reliable and willing-to-guide Elmers.

Ham Community is a free-to-use, no advertising website that never shares private information and never spams, run by a small, dedicated group of operators who wanted to try something different. Ham Community is driven by a desire to pursue and share knowledge. We hope that this is where the next great digital standard, or the best insight on how long Cycle 25 will last, or how best to muster 150 volunteers for an event, will be discussed. We also hope that this is where aspiring, recent, or returning operators come to feel wanted and safe. This is a no-judgement community where our mission is to help you love the hobby, not be bullied by people who think they always know better.

I joined ham community because it promised to be a place where I could share my knowledge, while continuing to learn. I also liked that Ham Community allowed everyone to ask the most difficult, but also the simplest questions, and not be ridiculed.

One of our most recent Elmers

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TIP: Should you post in Discussions, Groups or in Ask the elmers?
  • Use the ‘DISCUSSIONS‘ space to:
    • make suggestions and ask ‘light’ questions such as buying advice, basic installation, etc.
  • Use the ‘GROUPS‘ and their discussion forums to:
    • discuss topics that are highly specific but also to network and collaborate on projects, experiments, or other, that are related to that theme.
  • Use the ‘ASK THE ELMERS‘ section for
    • problems and obstacles of a more serious and challenging nature.