Screenshot of the old ham community site

A new beginning

Welcome to the new Ham Community site… Let me explain!

Screenshot of the old ham community site
Screenshot of old Ham Community homepage

About five years ago, a small group of us set out to build an amateur radio community that would be different. It would focus on knowledge more so than chatter. Rather than mock someone for their error, we would work with them to make them better operators. It would be a community built around Elmers who wanted to share their hard-earned knowledge.

The site was an acceptable success but it was cumbersome. We tried to pack too many elements into one. Also, the software platform we were using was starting to go in a different direction, one that was not suited to our needs.

We came up with a new approach, we decided to convert Ham Community into the umbrella of a series of more specialized sub sites. We called this new project the Ham Community Complex. One of these sites is the one that you are currently on, the new Ham Community. This is the site that inherits the dialogue portion of the project. This is where we come to discuss and question all things amateur radio.

Last point: if you’re here you have noticed that we have changed our URL. The new site address is simply; short and sweet.

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  1. My history as a ham is very long, starting with CW, AM, and SSB as my modes of choice. My list of modes untried is a long one. As I wind down my activity and sell off too much equipment, my interest remains high. Those of us aging out adapt to different ways to stay in touch. One of those ways eliminates the need for expensive equipment, outside antennas, and space. I am here to help those facing the same issues. I found a way to stay in touch with old friends and new. It’s called DMR, digital mobile radio. A small DMR HT and a pocket-sized hotspot connected to the internet replace a desk full of equipment and outside antennas.