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  • Many hobbies in one

    Posted by Jim on 2024-02-02 at 10:35


    said something interesting in another thread. He proposed the notion that what makes amateur radio so attractive, among other reasons, is that it brings together so many different hobbies. I’m curious to see what hobbies, activities or fields of knowledge people associate with amateur radio.

    I’ll start with what I think are some obvious ones.

    • Electronics
    • Electrical engineering
    • Electricity
    • Weather forecasting
    • Hiking
    • Navigation
    • Woodworking
    • Physics

    Don’t worry if you duplicate any of these, and add away!

    ns7x replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago 5 Members · 6 Replies
  • 6 Replies
  • N8TGQ

    2024-02-02 at 10:55
    5W posting rank

    I know a lot of hams who are also musicians, professional and amateur.

    A wierd thing I’ve noticed is the number of Jims that are hams-three in my local group alone, and I talk to a lot of them on the air. There are a lot of Marks also!

  • wa3ltj

    2024-02-02 at 17:38
    5W posting rank

    Antique radio collecting and restoration

    Having something to occupy your time while your girlfriend runs mountain trails.

  • N8TGQ

    2024-02-04 at 03:20
    5W posting rank

    Oops, I sorta misunderstood the origial post.

    There are so many facets to the hobby-

    The AMers trying to get the perfect audio

    The hams diing satellite and moon bounce

    All the digital modes

    The mesh networks people are setting up on 440 and 900 Mhz

    My niche is QRP CW. Lately I’ve been trying QRPp-less than 1 watt output. I build little one and two transistor transmitters, go to the park and see how far I get using the Reverse Beacon Network. It’s amazing how far 100 or 200 milliwatts can take you! And the rig fits in a mint tin you can carry in your pocket.

  • Jim

    2024-02-04 at 09:42
    25W posting rank

    Let me try to refocus this thread the way I had intended it. I was trying to make the point (clearly not well – LOL) that amateur radio is a compendium of external hobbies, much the same way you need to understand both electricity and the basics of civil engineering to be a railroad enthusiast. My feeling is that amateur radio is one of the most complex hobbies with so many necessary skillsets needed to set up a wave to travel around the world. This said, for the old-timers in the room (he says while looking in the mirror) it was once even more complex. The need for electronics knowledge has waned with the advent of ready-to-use radios. Some of us still remember building our radios from scratch, literally. Now, your VISA or MasterCard is all you need to get a state of the art transceiver.

    I just thought of another needed skillset… negotiating skills, much needed when your spouse realizes that your shack, which she/he considers an eye-sore to begin with, is actually not a $500 expense. “You what? You spent how much on that xyz? One radio is worth $11,000???” Your feeble response… “but darling…” I’ll have to start another thread just to see how we ‘negotiate’ our way out of spousal ire.

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  • KE8HNK

    2024-02-23 at 12:43
    10W posting rank

    Overlanding, Off-Road rock crawling, camping, Jeeps, trains both real and model trains

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  • ns7x

    2024-03-01 at 00:26
    5W posting rank

    Personally, one of my passions is teaching. If you think about it, teaching is nothing more than communicating a concept or an idea to someone else. That is pretty much what we do as hams. Just like a teacher, we communicate. And, in my opinion, that makes us pretty cool.

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