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  • Jim

    2024-01-19 at 13:39
    25W posting rank

    I have been saying this for years as well. Amateur radio is so many things but one of its most extraordinary rewards is the connective tissue it forms. By the way, this applies to both on-air and in person connections. That’s what I love about amateur radio, is that we can connect while sitting at home (long before Zoom was more than a variable focal length lens), but also in person through our clubs. This is also, btw, why I encourage clubs that can afford it to have a shack or meeting hall; it is one of the best investments they will ever make. I know that as I grow older, I realize that amateur radio is what will keep me connected right until the end. Indeed, one of our dear local friends passed away while on the air. We, obviously, wish he had not passed that day, but he did so while virtually surrounded by friends.