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Home Forums Regulatory We Don't Need No Stinking License Reply To: We Don't Need No Stinking License

  • Jim

    2024-01-31 at 10:48
    25W posting rank

    I absolutely entirely and without reservation agree that all amateur radio activity should be performed by licensed operators. The idea is that ‘in an emergency’ a non-licensed operator should be able to get on the air and ask for help. However, that is not the point your raise. Your point is whether an unlicensed operator can buy and leave idle a radio until such time as they need it for an emergency. Now we enter a gray area left open by FCC regulations. I think the FCC needs to weigh in. They need to make that part of Part 97 clearer. Do they consider this practice acceptable? If they do not, then should we have to present our license credentials to purchase a radio?

    Having just read your post, I think I’ll take a few days to think about this further, but indeed, this is a situation that warrants further discussion and, possibly, regulatory review.