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  • Jim

    2024-02-04 at 09:42
    25W posting rank

    Let me try to refocus this thread the way I had intended it. I was trying to make the point (clearly not well – LOL) that amateur radio is a compendium of external hobbies, much the same way you need to understand both electricity and the basics of civil engineering to be a railroad enthusiast. My feeling is that amateur radio is one of the most complex hobbies with so many necessary skillsets needed to set up a wave to travel around the world. This said, for the old-timers in the room (he says while looking in the mirror) it was once even more complex. The need for electronics knowledge has waned with the advent of ready-to-use radios. Some of us still remember building our radios from scratch, literally. Now, your VISA or MasterCard is all you need to get a state of the art transceiver.

    I just thought of another needed skillset… negotiating skills, much needed when your spouse realizes that your shack, which she/he considers an eye-sore to begin with, is actually not a $500 expense. “You what? You spent how much on that xyz? One radio is worth $11,000???” Your feeble response… “but darling…” I’ll have to start another thread just to see how we ‘negotiate’ our way out of spousal ire.

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