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Home Forums Regulatory Is amateur radio a privilege or a right? Reply To: Is amateur radio a privilege or a right?

  • Unknown Member

    Deleted User
    2024-02-19 at 22:37
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    IMHO, It’s kind of irrelevant whether one views amateur radio as a right or a privilege in the context of HOAs..

    Many hams I know complain and whine about their HOA Karens, but the thing is, they surrendered those rights (or privileges) voluntarily when they decided to buy the house. If you don’t like the terms of the contract, then you shouldn’t sign the contract. No one forced them to sign the contract under duress, and if they didn’t read the terms of their deed, then again, that’s their fault for not doing due diligence.

    If you want to keep a right (or privilege), then don’t sign a contract surrendering those rights (or privileges). It’s not a complicated concept. One can’t expect a court of law to void a valid contract and let you have an antenna farm in your subdivision when that’s the deal you agreed to.

    That’s the first thing I asked the realtor when he showed up to show us the house for sale. Lucky for me my Mayor and Town Board has pre-empted “ham hate” by ordinance and I can basically put up what I want and an HOA can’t prohibit ham antennas in my town.