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  • Unknown Member

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    2024-02-19 at 22:53
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    I agree with N8TGO.
    Do we really want courts of law deciding which contracts are OK and which aren’t? That sounds too much to me like a nanny state. I already have the goobermint in my business enough, telling me what I can’t do and what I’m “not allowed” to own or do.

    I simply don’t believe that a valid contract should be voided by a court of law simply because one of the signators, years after making the contract, decided that the deal isn’t to his liking. That was a conclusion that should’ve been come to before Harry Homeowner signed the contract.

    My town says I can’t have livestock and fowl on my property. I knew that was the ordinance when I bought this house. “But I didn’t know I wanted to be a chicken farmer back in 2010 when I bought the house” isn’t a valid reason to break a contract IMO.

    Real-world example….several years ago I bought a cell phone at US Cellular. It cost $800 and I agreed to pay $30 per month (if I recall) until it was paid for. Two months later while mowing the lawn it fell out of my pocket, I stomped the brake as soon as I saw it fall, and next I heard the noise of the mower blades chewing it up into 253 little pieces. My wife was mad. See, I didn’t run to US Cellular and tell them the deal was off. I paid them $800 for the phone like I agreed to do, even as much as it hurt, because that’s what I agreed to do. And believe me, on a disability income, it hurt.

    That’s what men with integrity do.
    Boys whine about the deal they made and how it isn’t fair.

    ~Anthony, KD3Y

    All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Samsung back together again! 🙂