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Home Forums Rants HOA limitations Reply To: HOA limitations

  • Unknown Member

    Deleted User
    2024-02-26 at 04:42
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    “NO ANTENNAS (some even said none inside either)”

    LOL. Yeah that’s easy enough to debate. Ask to visit your local HOA Karens home and the homes of the HOA board members.

    Do they have WiFi? Then they’re breaking their own rule. That’s a transmitting antenna.
    Do they own a cell phone? That’s a transmitting antenna.
    Do they have a “Smart TV”? The new remotes are now radio, not infrared. That’s a transmitting antenna.
    Do they have a smart meter on their condo? That’s a transmitting antenna.
    Smart water meter? That’s a transmitting antenna.
    Do they have even a simple AM/FM radio? That’s an indoor antenna.
    Does their car have OnStar, Car-Net, or Verizon Hum? Can’t park it in their driveway. It’s against the rules. Those are transmitting antenna.
    Do they have an iPad, or wireless laptop? Those are transmitting antenna.
    Do they have an ultrasonic pest repeller plugged into the wall? That’s a transmitting antenna.
    Do they own a sound bar for their smart TV? That’s a bluetooth transmitting antenna.
    Does their kid have an Xbox or Wii? Sorry Karen, that’s a transmitting antenna. They use radio now.
    Does fat Karen have one of those fancy-shmancy treadmills that connects to her cell phone? TRANSMITTING ANTENNA!
    Oh, they use iPods? Again, that’s a transmitting antenna.
    Those popular “Ring” doorbell cameras? Those are transmitting antenna.
    Wireless security cameras? Yep you guessed it…transmitting antenna.
    Apple watch on your wrist? Do I need to say it again? You’re transmitting with an antenna, Karen. Write the secretary a check for your fine.
    Remotely monitored pacemaker? Sorry Karen. You’re gonna die. Those use radio to send your data to your Dr’s monitoring center.
    Life Alert? Sorry karen. You’ve fallen and you’re never going to get up again. Those have transmitting antenna.
    Gas logs use a remote like mine to turn them on and off? I can’t type it again because I’ve used up all the “transmitting antenna” left in my laptop keyboard. 🙂

    An HOA can’t whack you for your indoor antenna unless they enforce the rule equally and ban the other 353,194,223,901,761 antenna that are transmitting in the HOA. That’s selective enforcement, and it’s discriminatory under the law.

    China RF analyzers are cheap. Show the mediator Karen is, in fact, transmitting mucho RF from her condo across several bands in violation of HOA Board rules. Unless the HOA Board wants to move back to 1920, they simply cannot enforce a “no indoor antenna” rule. It’s not possible in 2024. Can they show you they’ve issued warning letters to everyone in the HOA who owns one of these devices? If not then your fine can’t be collected.

    I’d tell Karen to go pound sand. Let the HOA take me to court…and I’m bringing the long list of antennas she has in her home with me. The HOA would only have to pay my court costs and attorney fees once and their HOA treasurer would learn their lesson.

    I can concede the mast antenna or tower in your yard, or dipole strung across the yard. Those can be considered an eyesore or safety hazard. But a blanket “no indoor antennas” rule would never stand in any court in the USA. The only reason HOA’s can keep their boots on our necks is because we say “yes ma’am” and hang our heads and comply. Attorney fees are a better investment in the hobby than are new ham radios.

    DISClAIMER: I am not an attorney, but I have seen every episode of Judge Judy, so this should not be considered legal advice. 🙂