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  • WZ4K

    2024-03-15 at 00:40
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    PoE – Power over Ethernet. The PoE device is powered directly from the ethernet cable without a separate power supply. You can typically use a wall wart power supply in lieu of PoE – just need to ensure the PS has sufficient capacity for the specific phone (load). Check the specs on the model you choose. PoE is very convenient if your switch or router supports it. There is also an option to use a PoE “power injector”. A power injector is inserted in-line with the ethernet cable to the load(phone) and, as its name implies, ‘injects the prescribed power – voltage – required by the load. Must be careful to select a compatible injector. Some phones are 48V, for example, other phones are 5V – like my Cisco SPA504G – a basic but functional IP phone.

    Hamshack Hotline is not the only hamcentric VOIP service. Another option is Hams Over IP – here is a link to their wiki with very helpful info:


    Depending on the VOIP phone you choose – you can have both a Hamshack Hotline number and a HOIP number programmed in the phone. Each will be assigned a unique number within their respective networks. Sometimes it’s convenient to pick up the phone and dial a ham buddy for advice or to just chat. 73, HW

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