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  • k9fh

    2024-05-13 at 04:43
    Newbie posting rank

    For Hamshack Hotline I use an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter), specifically the Cisco SPA112. An Analog Telephone Adapter connects between the Internet (RJ-45 cable from your router) and any old 4 wire telephone with a modular RJ11 jack. The SPA112 provides two phone lines so you can also configure it to use a VOIP provider, I use Localphone.com, who will provide you with a phone number and then you can have a real phone number with a real phone once again.

    I see the SPA112 is still available at Amazon. There is also a newer model, the ATA191-3PW-K9 which might be better.

    As far as usefullness of Hamshack Hotline goes, quite a few EOC’s are listed in their phone directory and HH does have many extensions dedicated to emergency preparedness. There are also a couple of similar Ham PBX’s, namely Hams Over IP (HOIP), and Amateur Wire. These last two appear to be more oriented toward hams who like to experiment with VOIP technology. You could probably find people there who would be willing to chat.

    My extensions, HH: 4648, HOIP: 100221, Amateur Wire: 1088

    Phil K9FH