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    Posted by wa8ahz on 2023-12-08 at 17:04

    How does an OCF Antenna work?

    Ans: by placing the feed point at about the one-third point along the length of the antenna (eg., about 42 ft along a 136 ft long wire if the antenna is for 80m) you are not only exciting the transducer (eg antenna) with near-maximum current flow for both bands that are fundamental (3.5 MHz in this case) but also 2nd & 3rd harmonic frequencies like 7.0 MHz (2nd), 10.5 MHz (3rd), etc. That said, the lower (15 & 10m) bands will probably need a tuner so to present a 50 ohm impedance to the exciter (transmitter). VWSR plots for my 80m Buckmaster antenna attached.

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