Antenna 100-feet away or more

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  • Antenna 100-feet away or more

    Posted by Jim on 2024-02-04 at 13:33

    Those living in rural areas can, if they choose, place an antenna mast or tower quite far away from their home, sometimes hundreds of feet.

    If you live on a large plot of land and your antenna is over 100-feet away from your shack, how is your feedline reaching the antenna? What kind of feedline are you using? Is it above or below ground? Any challenges or solutions you’d like to share?

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  • KM5BOR

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    2024-03-14 at 14:07
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    I live on 37 acres of land but still put my towers near my house. Yes there is always the possibility of a tower crashing into the house, trees could do the same. I chose to do this because we already had trees near the house as well as having it closer so it was cheaper to run coax. Coax aint cheap so I try to save my money where I can.

    • Jim

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      2024-03-14 at 14:11
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      Hey Michael, what kind of coax are you running, curious? We have a tower in my rural property and it’s old old hardline; I don’t think it even has a denomination, that’s how old it is. We’ll have to change it one of these days, and in our case it’s giong to co$t… it’s about 300 feet away from the house. 😵

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